2010 Diggies Featured on Upworthy

The 2010 team of Diggies (Digital Ethnography students) were featured on Upworthy for their “flash mob of kindness” video to support K-State Proud.


Under the title, “A Mob of College Students Attack a Girl With Cancer ant the Results are Life-Changing”, Kim Hohman of Upworthy reports:

We’ve just started the process of researching colleges in our house. After watching this video of students attacking other students at Kansas State University, it’s suddenly at the top of my list. Watch the whole video, if you have time, but if not, here are some of the attacks-of-kindness highlights: at :32, they hand out free money; at :54, they cheer for students, just because; at 1:33, they buy someone lunch, then at 1:55, they buy someone books;  they parallel park a car BY PICKING IT UP at 2:57; and at 4:06, meet the girl who had cancer, who was the recipient of a K-State Proud award.

The video picked up a quick additional 80,000 viewers since being featured on the site.  And since it was recently posted by Aggieville on Facebook, I’ve been receiving several e-mails from people telling me that they hope their kids come to K-State. Congatulations Diggies of 2010!

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