Hallmark Internship Opportunities

Life Is A Special Occasion is just one of many Hallmark slogans we find on the back of our singing birthday cards from grandma. And Hallmark is right, life is full of opportunities and each one is capable of making a difference in our lives. If I had it my way, I would have an internship in a different country every summer, unfortunately, my bank account is not cooperating with my idea. But a Hallmark internship is different from others, in many unique ways. First, it is a PAID internship,, from the end of May to the middle of August in Kansas City, MO. You would be accompanied by other interns who are just as innovative and creative as you. You will be contributing your ideas to projects and also see different aspects of a company as large as Hallmark. Each internship requires different skills and talents, but if one strikes your eye, think about applying! An internship at Hallmark can allow yo to make many connections in the business world that could help with career paths in the future. Life is a special occasion, and this internship could be quite an opportunity!


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