Knowledge Must

Knowledge Must is an organization that specializes in Indian and Chinese culture. On their home page, they describe themselves as:

Thank you for your interest in our intercultural solutions. From our locations in India and China we assist students, professionals, and organisations to successfully cross cultural boundaries. Each of our five divisions specialises in a specific challenge you might face when moving from one culture to another. With our Integrated Solutions we combine all our services to create customised packages to fit your individual requirements. From study, internship, volunteer and work experiences to language immersion, intercultural trainings, and individualised travel arrangements, we fully equip you to make the most out of the diversity of Indian and Chinese cultures.

Knowledge Must’s goal is to help individuals achieve cultural fluency within India and China through five pillars of engagement: Career Must (building an international career), Language Must (language fluency), Training Must (training to effectively cross cultural boundaries), Travel Must (traveling experience), and Culture Must (getting a holistic view of culture from arts to science). I really enjoy this program, because it does seem to offer a holistic approach to being prepared to delve into another country. Anyone looking to study or do work in India or China should definitely check out this program, as it would be a really great career opportunity.


Sophomore studying Anthropology with a to-be minor of South Asian studies, as well as pursuing a Nonviolence Studies certificate.

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