Governor’s Internship Program

The Governor’s Internship Program is a way to give college undergraduate students an in-depth opportunity to see the inner workings of their state government while contributing, growing, and improving Kansas. Governor Brownback, Lt. Governor Colyer, and the Cabinet Secretaries believe the best way to recruit Kansas’ into the work is to throw them into the daily life and operations of the state government and give them everyday responsibilities to improve their home state.

This program will have students in each division of the Governor’s Office and in each of the Cabinet level agencies. The overall concept of this internship is to give students the education and experience they need to make everyday decisions that they would if working for the government.

This internship program will allow 8-10 student interns in the Governor’s Office. This program operates throughout the year in three time frames. The Spring (January-May), Summer (May-August), and Fall (August-December). It’s noted that students who are interning in the Fall and Spring are expected to work at least 16-20 hours per week, while summer interns are expected to work at least 30 hours per week.

Students who are interested are asked to complete an application through the Governor’s website. The application includes for students to complete the Online Intern Application, a current resume, signed and dated rules consent form, Two letters of recommendation in sealed envelopes and a statement of interest highlighting specific areas of interest while not exceeding 500 words. Other options include additional writing samples and a phone or in person interview.

All applications must be mailed to:

Governor’s Internship Program
300 SW 10th Ave., Rm 264-W
Topeka, KS 66612

For more information visit:

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