Cultural Survival Internships

For those interested in applying anthropology towards human rights organizations, look no further than Cultural Survival – an organization that “advocates for Indigenous Peoples rights and supports Indigenous communities’ self-determination, cultures and political resilience”. Interns are a crucial part to the operations of Cultural Survival, and programs are offered in 5 departments.

Bazaars, Fundraising, and Events: Gain experience with fundraising, marketing, and outreach for a human rights organization by working on special events and interacting with media and community partners.

Community Radio (Intern must be fluent in Spanish): Work with the Guatemala Radio Project (which works to protect the Mayan people’s access to the media), by performing a variety of tasks including talking to community radio partners and thinking creatively about the project.

Free, Prior, and Informed Consent: Participate in the effort to promote Indigenous rights to defend lands from resource exploitation through worldwide radio programs. This includes performing topical research, contacting radio stations, and working closely with the staff/team.

Global Response: Learn about indigenous social movements, write news articles, and use social media to help facilitate change.

Research and Publications: In general, support the programs and the production of publications (excellent writing skills required).


Application Deadlines:

Summer Internships-March 31

Fall Internships-August 31

Spring Internships-December 31


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