Mount Vernon Archaeology Team

The Archaeology Team at the University of Maryland offers volunteer and intern work at Mount Vernon. This will be the third year that the field school has investigated the archaeological, architectural, and cultural landscape of Mount Vernon. Different courses, which can be taken for undergraduate and graduate credit, will help a student learn historic preservation method and theory and archaeological and architectural field methodology, which includes surveying, GIS, and lab procedures. The three main themes that students will learn about while exploring the original home are the evolution of plantation landscape, African American history, and public interpretation. The 2015 field school runs from May 26th to July 2nd. To be considered for this internship, one has to be a full time student, either undergraduate or graduate; have an interest in historical archaeology, historic preservation, museums, and American history; have strong communication and teamwork skills; and be able to do strenuous work outdoors in hot and humid weather. Applications need to be sent to the Director of Historic Preservation of Mount Vernon by March 31st, 2015, and have included: a resume, two references, and a cover letter.

Director of Historic Preservation: Esther White,

Take a look at Mount Vernon’s website for more information.

The American Anthropological Association website also has more information on internships.

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