Yo-Yo Ma Goes Beyond the Music


Yo-Yo Ma is a world-renowned cellist who founded a non-profit organization called Silk Road Project. The project is dedicated to promoting multi-cultural artistic exchange and studying the ebb and flow of ideas inspired by the cultural traditions of the historical Silk Road. Yo-Yo Ma attended Harvard where he was a music major but described anthropology as his greatest passion. “Music, I realized, was a wonderful way to be able to fulfill all the different ways that I’m curious about people, about habits, about why people act the way they do. It’s a form of study, and I believe greatly not so much in creativity, but in finding the preconditions of creativity.” Today Yo-Yo Ma uses his deep love for music, passion for people, and background in Anthropology to learn more about different cultures around the world and connect them to one another in a new way.




The first link takes you to a brief article explaining Yo-Yo Ma’s background and passion for Anthropology. The second takes you to a very detailed article that describes in depth the ways Yo-Yo Ma has combined his background in anthropology and love for music to do some really awesome things. Finally, the third link shows a short video describing the Silk Road Project in more detail.

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