Emily Ainsworth – Young Explorer

Emily Ainsworth lusts for adventure.

Before she studied Literature at Oxford, Anthropology at Cambridge, and Film at Central Saint Martins, Emily Ainsworth’s first excursion came at 16 when she decided to go to Mexico. Until that point, Ainsworth performed menial labor to save up – scrubbing toilets, caring for children, and other working odd jobs – so she could afford to travel. After arriving in Mexico, Ainsworth documented the Days of the Dead, pilgrimage routes and fiestas. Later on, Ainsworth joined the Mexican Circus, gifting her with media attention, an anthropological glimpse at a fascinating culture, and “a second home”. Since then, Ainsworth has documented everything from politics amongst mongolian nomadic herders to Bolivian goldmines, spiritual life in the Ganges to midget bullfighters, India’s vanishing magicians to Copacabana’s fishermen (and much more). Ainsworth began with a flare for adventure, and now she is working as a photographer and an anthropologist, amazed that her interest in those two fields give her the ability to visit anywhere and meet anyone in the world.


Ainsworth, a National Geographic Young Explorer, is also a recipient of the Winston Churchill Exploration Fellowship, and the BBC and Royal Geographical Society Journey of a Lifetime Award.




(The first link is her website, on which one can find a gallery of many of her adventures)



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