Why not do Archaeology?

For my article, I read an article from the ‘So You Want My Job‘ series on the art of manliness website. In the article, an archaeologist by the name of Dan discusses what it is like to have his job as an Archaeologist. Originally, he hadn’t even planned to become an Anthropologist, but at age 23 and almost finished with a completely unrelated major, he shifted gears. He says it’s a profession for people who aren’t looking to settle down and love to travel and be outdoors.

For me a rainy day in the field beats a sunny day in the office any day.

Dan breaks down many common questions would possibly have for an archaeologist, and describes how their digs are very much a team effort. ┬áThere won’t be any Indiana Jones antics found in the profession, which could very well be a breaking point for some adventurers out there.

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