BBC Radio 4: The Life Scientific (Interview with Sue Black)

Sue Black is a Professor of ¬†Forensic Anthropology and Anatomy at the University of Dundee. She first became interested in science when she was twelve years old, and got her first job in a butcher’s shop. At seventeen she graduated, and was the first of her family to go to university.

Black has worked on many high profile cases, but she speaks primarily about her work in Kosovo. She was often exposed to grizzly scenes of mass murder. As the only woman present during that investigation, most people came to her when it all became too much. She says that ¬† she was more than happy to take on the “mom role”. Throughout the investigation, they were unable to transfer bodies to a morgue, so she often did postmortems in the field.

Her latest project has been fundraising for a new mortuary at her university.




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