Anthropologists using Drones for accurate research

Anthropologists using UAV's
Anthropologists using UAV's

For my posting on Jobs. I wanted to think outside the box a little. I wanted to post something that I think is on the verge of changing the way Anthropologists conduct research. I strongly believe that using a drone in remote location will give more of a complete perspective.

Drone Technology is changing our field in a very useful way. I choose to write about Professor Gerardo Gutierrez of the CU Boulder Anthropology Department. He started using drones to map Archaeological Sites. This is an extremely valuable time saving device in this field. “Something that used to take days can now be done in hours without disturbing a site of significance”. As this technology becomes cheaper and more readily available. The benefits of using this technology within the field of Anthropology are vast. For an example,

If Dr. Wesch had this technology for mapping in New Guinea what type of an insight would this have had on his research? There is so many benefits of an Anthropologist using a drone. Maybe we want to watch an indigenous tribe stalk prey and see the whole picture from an aerial shot? This may give you more insight instead of hunting by the side of indigenous tribesman. What if your conducting environmental anthropology research. How many uses do you think a drone can have in this field?

K-State Salina has a drone program. You can become trained in all the aspects of an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV). This is going to help you within your field if you plan on doing research in remote regions with limited access. Moreover, if you are trained in Anthropology and also hold certifications to fly a UAV. This will help you stand out within the field of Anthropology and help you conduct more thorough research. Please see the following links if this is of interest to you.

Anthropology Professor Gerardo Gutierrez & UAV’s

UAV Training K-State Salina

UAV Pilot Jobs

Anthropologist (Dr. Michele Buzon using UAV’s in Tombos, Sudan)

Dr. Gai Jorayev Conducts research with UAV (Images)

The pictures below should give you a better understanding of the benefits of using UAV’s in the field of Anthropology.


I'm currently pursuing a Major in Business and a Minor in Anthropology at Kansas State University.

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