McCandless’ Legacy

Christopher Johnson McCandless graduated from Emory University with a double major in history and anthropology. During his life however he was not published and was not renown, though I’m sure most of you have probably heard his name. McCandless is well known as Alex Supertramp, the name he wore throughout his travels. Out of college McCandless embarked on a journey, he rejected our lifestyle to live life as fully as he could think to comprehend. So he donated around $24,000 to charity and took to the road on a journey that is now legend. McCandless touched many hearts during his life, and after his death in the expansive wilderness of Alaska, these people, along with McCandless journal would help write the book, Into the Wild, by Jon Kraukauer. This book has turned McCandless into a icon. McCandless has created ripples in our culture, thousands of people risk their lives now, to recreate his adventures, to see the fabled “Bus 142”. Despite the controversies surrounding his life, it is without a doubt that he lived it passionately. As anthropology students, this is a passion we may all want to take with us “into the wild.”

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