Stanley Ann Dunham, the mother of our leader

Today, living in the United States, we have the privilege to live under one of the most interesting and complex leaders in our history: Barack Obama. But, before Barack Obama Jr., there was Barack Obama Sr., his father, and Stanley Ann Dunham, his mother. Dunham was, simply put, an anthropologist from Kansas, working on international development. Working through many places to address poverty in rural villages, including villages in Indonesia and Pakistan, Dunham made ground-breaking work that addressed cultural differences and exploitations propelling the poverty gap between developing countries and industrial societies of Western tradition. Along with these important findings, Dunham’s anthropological background has distinctly influenced our president. Barack Obama is quoted saying that Dunham was “the dominant figure in [his] formative years … The values she taught [him] continue to be [his] touchstone when it comes to how [he goes] about the world of politics.” This noticeable influence of his mother has sparked interest in the woman herself, who tragically succumbed to cancer after a long and hard battle. There is now a book published about Stanley Ann Dunham available to those interested in learning more about our leader’s mother.

A Singular Woman: The Untold Story of Barack Obama’s Mother by Janny Scott




Sophomore studying Anthropology with a to-be minor of South Asian studies, as well as pursuing a Nonviolence Studies certificate.

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