Dr. Gerald Berreman, social anthropologist, passes away at age 83


Gerald Berreman was a professor of anthropology at Berkeley, but before that he studied social castes and the stigma of the “untouchable class” in India over the course of 40 years. Known as a pioneer for the anthropologist’s code of ethics, Berreman stressed that as scientists our first responsibility is to the people being studied, and that the best way to help was to “[present] accurate and sympathetic accounts of their ways of life” in an approach he described as “human interest anthropology.” I find Dr. Berreman inspiring because of his stance on American involvement in other countries, specifically during the Vietnam and Cold Wars in his time. He refused to go into training for the Peace Corps because he stated that “a nation which [was] annihilating a people in one country cannot be truly interested in doing good to another.” Dr. Berreman passed away in December of 2013.

Julia Chestnut

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