Fieldwork opportunity Peruvian Central Coast


The Institute of Peruvian Studies (IEP), one of the most prestigious
research institutions on the social sciences in Latin America, announces
the third season of its international field school in archaeological
methods “Peruvian Central Coast”. Our field school offers training in
mapping, survey and excavation techniques in the field as well as basic
training via onsite workshops on statistical sampling in archaeology,
bioarchaeological analysis, ceramic analysis and cataloguing, and lithic
analysis. Prior experience in archaeological fieldwork is not required.

Fieldwork will take place from May to August 2014 at the site of
Panquilma, a XII-XVI century’s pre-Hispanic community located in the
hinterland of one of the most important religious centers of the Andean
coast: Pachacamac. Panquilma is a multicomponent site composed by
monumental, household and funerary remains.
During the 2014 season, we will pursue the excavation of a sample of each
one of these components aiming to reconstruct ritual activities associated
with monumental architecture, daily domestic activities in household
remains as well as funerary behaviors in the cemetery sector of the site.

All project members will live and work in a recently completed research
facility in Punta Hermosa, a small beach community located 40 km. south of
Lima. This is a great opportunity to gain experience in the field and in a
foreign country, which provides its own set of challenges. Students may be
able to obtain credit from their department after discussing that option
with their department chair. Senior staff would be willing to discuss this
with the department and provide feedback on student participation after
the field season is completed.

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