Forensic Anthropology Field School


The Forensic Science and Anthropology Field School is an intensive, four-week course.  Students participate in, from the perspective of multiple disciplines, the resolution of a mock medicolegal death investigation from crime scene discovery to courtroom testimony.  Students process an indoor crime scene where foul play is suspected to have happened.  Evidence then leads them to an outdoor scene where they search for and recover buried human remains.  Back in the lab, they examine evidence from both scenes and attempt to identify individuals by analyzing skeletal remains and matching them against missing person files.  Participants synthesize multiple lines of evidence to reconstruct what occurred at the crimes scenes.  Finally, students testify as a scientific expert witness in a real courtroom in front of an actual judge under direct and cross-examination by practicing attorneys.  Throughout the process, students receive hands-on training in the classroom, lab, and field by law enforcement agents, legal professionals, and forensic scientists.

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