CSAS Award


(Kayla Harwood presenting at the 2013 CSAS Conference)

Its time to apply for the:

Harriet and Martin Ottenheimer
Central States Anthropological Society
Student Paper Presentation Award

As some of you may be aware, a cash award to assist a Kansas State
University anthropology undergraduate student travel to and present a
paper at the Central States Anthropological Society (CSAS) Annual
Conference was established by K-State Anthropology Emeriti Professors
Harriet and Marty Ottenheimer. The student selected will receive up
to $500 in reimbursement of cash expenses associated with travel and
registration for the CSASconference. In order to qualify, you must
have already submitted an abstract for the conference and heard about
its acceptance.

If you hear that your abstract has been accepted, bring notification
of the acceptance of your abstract to the Anthropology Program
Coordinator (Prof. Wesch), who will forward your name onto the Head of
the Department of Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Work. Your
notification must be received by the Anth Program Coordinator by March
1st, but apply asap). In any year in which there are two or more
students whose abstracts have been accepted by CSAS the Head of the
SASW Department, in consultation with the anthropology faculty, will
select the award recipient.

You will be notified by either the Anthropology Program Coordinator or
the Department Head of SASW (Betsy Cauble) of the award by mid-March.

If you are notified that you will receive the award, it will be your
responsibility to make your travel arrangements, pay for your travel
expenses, and present your paper at the Annual CSAS Conference. Funds
for the Award will be distributed after the Conference as
reimbursement for allowed travel expenses. Awardees will need to
consult with the SASW Department Office Administrator (Karen
Rundquist) prior to the Conference to see if any pre-travel documents
need to be filled out. Keep all receipts (pre-registration,
transportation, hotel, meals) and bring them to the SASW Department
Office Administrator within a week after the Conference for


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