Archaeology field school scholarship

If you plan on attending an archaeological field school this summer, check out this scholarship opportunity.  It is very competitive, but a previous KSU student received one for the KSU field school a few years ago.

Jane C. Walbaum Archaeological Field School Scholarship (AIA


Some universities who have their own field school program also offer scholarships so check for those if you are considering a school that offers both. (Again, we had a student qualify for one of the California school field schools a few years back.)


Financial aid is also possible for a summer field school (if you qualify for it), especially if you take the K-State field school (which we will be offering this year).


(As an added note, I’d love to have a K-State scholarship for field schools.  Although it would take a lot of time and effort to raise funds for this, if anyone is interested in playing a strong role in fundraising, I’d welcome your dedicated assistance.
[This would not have immediate results for a scholarship, but could be an interesting and useful project for a student for skill-building, networking, and resume enhancement to help future K-State students.])

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