Former President of Shell Oil Company to Speak at Kansas State – February 11


Kansas State alumnus and former president of Shell Oil Company Jon Hofmeister is coming to speak on campus through the Lou Douglas Lecture Series on Tuesday, February 11th. Beginning at 7:00 PM in the Town Hall room in the Leadership Studies building, Mr. Hofmeister will be speaking about energy policy challenges facing the United States and what he would like to see from our leadership moving forward as we grapple with those problems.

Mr. Hofmeister has also served as an executive for multiple multi-national corporations including General Electric, Nortel, and AlliedSignal (now Honeywell International) and currently serves with a number of energy policy think tanks, most notably the United States Energy Security Council. He is exhaustively familiar with the domestic energy industry as it stands today and uniquely equipped to point out potential problems facing that industry as it attempts to meet increasing demand.

We highly encourage any student with a scholarly interest in our country’s leadership or the energy crisis to attend. Please visit the Lou Douglas Lecture Series webpage for more information about the lecture or biographical information about Mr. Hofmeister.


Justin J. Kastner, PhD
Director, University Honors Program (
Associate Professor and Co-Director, Frontier program (
Kansas State University

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