GIS Mapping

In September 2016, Equal Access began implementation of the USAID-funded Voices for Peace
(V4P) program, a five-year program to counter violent extremism (VE) and promote democracy,
human rights, and governance in Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Chad, and Niger. Through the
project, Equal Access works with radio station partners to become centers of knowledge-sharing
and dialogue, while empowering moderate civil society, religious, youth, and women leaders
seeking to counter VE Organizations’ (VEOs) narratives in areas where they are known to
terrorize, operate, and recruit.

Under V4P, Equal Access is currently recruiting for an immediate consultancy opportunity and
seeks to identify individuals with expertise in GIS mapping.
GIS Mapping of Radio Coverage Consultancy. Equal Access is looking for a consultant
expert in geographic information system (GIS) techniques and platforms to support the
organization in mapping activities for our USAID-funded program activities in Burkina Faso,
Niger, Chad, and Cameroon.  Specifically, we are looking for new strategies and techniques
that can help strengthen our mapping capacity of FM radio signal coverage.

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