Club Meeting Info For Members And Officers

Welcome back Anthros!

First things first,We will have a table tomorrow, Thursday January 19 2017, at the UPC activities carnival in the Kansas State Union ballroom from 6pm to 8pm. Stop by and say hello, if you can.
A few changes have been made over break to our regular meeting schedule. The Anthropology Club will be meeting in Hale 401 on Mondays from 7pm to 8pm. Our first meeting will be January 23, 2017. Please attend and bring your friends, all are welcome.
This year, members can look forward to a number of events including but not limited to documentary watch parties, stories shared by students who’ve spent time studying in other countries, as well as other activities to help build our student community and promote anthropology.
If you have ideas for the club or would like to be on the Activities Council please contact Natalie Turner @ and also follow this link:

If you have recently studied or spent time abroad and would like to share your experience with the Anthropology Club please contact Ethan Reimer @ We would love to host you.

Officers this semester are as follows:
President: Ethan Reimer (
Vice President: Fajer Alhajji (
Secretary: Samuel Kempf (
Treasurer: Joel Neises (
Public Relations: Rosemary Harris (
Activities Chair: Natalie Turner (
Club Ambassadors: Bridget Lynch ( & Keith Weber (

For Officers

If you missed our executive meeting last Friday, January 13 2017, please see the summary of minutes by following this link:

Continuity books can be created however you wish, as long as it describes your duties and tasks this semester as a serving officer.
Keep in mind, these will be compiled into a digital copy at the end of this semester and passed down to next year’s serving club officers.
Officer reports should be emailed to Ethan Reimer by no later than Sunday evening each week. If you are unable to attend regular club meetings, still send the report and also appoint a club member or officer to represent you at the meeting.

For further information or questions about how you can be involved in the Kansas State Anthropology Club please feel free to contact any of the officers listed above.
We hope to see you around,

Ethan Reimer

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