Club Reminders and Notices for Spring 2017

If you are interested in attending our club meetings, please follow the link and indicate what times work best for you. The day/time with the majority votes will be the day/time we meet Spring 2017. Click the link to vote:

November 30th will be our last meeting conducting business for the year 2016. We say goodbye to our Fall 2016 Vice President, Addie Dickens who will be graduating this December.
The November 30th meeting will be held in Hale 401 from 6pm to 7pm. We will re-slate our officer team. Anyone can be nominated for any position, and anyone can nominate themselves. If you receive a nomination, you can accept or decline that nomination. Only members who are present at this meeting will be allowed to vote for their Spring 2017 Executive Team.

If you are interested in acquiring an Anthropology Club T-shirt, please follow the link below to indicate what size you need. Shirts are not yet in production, but can be expected to cost between $10-$15. Thank you for your patience on this project.
Click the Link to order a shirt:

For more information on this thread please contact:
Ethan Reimer at

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