Call for TA Applications – Intro to Cultural Anthropology

Applications Due: October 28th
Submit by e-mail:

ANTH 204

 There are 10 undergraduate TA positions open for ANTH 204: Introduction to Cultural Anthropology for the Spring semester with Instructor Ryan Klataske. TAs run two weekly recitation sections of 20-25 students.  You will be required to attend lectures Monday and Wednesday mornings at 8:30 am. A mandatory TA meeting will be held each week—time TBD.

This is a tremendous opportunity for you to sharpen your teaching skills and learn a great deal about anthropology.

These are *paid* positions (about $1,000), and if it is your first time being a TA you will also be eligible to receive up to 3 credit hours.

Please send a 1 page single-spaced application by e-mail to stating your

interest in the position. Include the following information:

  • College Credit Hours
  • Why you think you will be a good TA
  • Previous relevant experience (teaching, leadership (formal or informal), study abroad, travel, WordPress, video production etc.)
  • Why you want to be a TA

From this information, along with input from other faculty, I will make the selections.

There is considerable interest in these positions and competition is expected to be high, so you will need to put considerable thought and effort into your application e-mail.

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