19th Field School in Mortuary Archaeology in Drawsko, Poland

The early modern skeletal cemetery at Drawsko, Poland (16th -17th centuries AD) provides a unique opportunity for students to practise bioarchaeology  by learning archaeological excavation techniques and working with human osteological material. To date more than 550 inhumations have been excavated, and the skeletal collection includes various evidence of traumatic injury, infectious, degenerative and genetic disease, nutritional deficiency, as well as atypical lesions that have yet to be identified. Every archaeological season in Drawsko brings also discoveries of unusual, anti-demonic burials containing the dead with iron sickles running across their necks.

At the site students are allowed to excavate and document burials by themselves getting hands-on experience.


Slavia, a foundation for Polish history and culture, is offering a 7-week archaeological field school in Drawsko, Poland. Students will be excavating remains from a 500 year old cemetery and will also learn how to deal with the excavated remains and how to document them in the lab. In the past, remains of individuals who were interred as vampires have been uncovered, as evidenced by the placement of an iron sickle against their throats!

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