Fall 2016 Newsletter – Dr. Wesch

Dr. Wesch continues to explore the potential for telling anthropological stories in new ways. After finishing up a 3D virtual reality “empathy game” about living with Alzheimer’s with the Spring 2015 Digital Ethnography team,

he went on to teach himself how to animate and released his first animation, “The Sleeper,” in August 2015.

He also learned how to do handstands, an endeavor which landed him on the operating table for wrist surgery but also reminded him about the challenges of learning something new. He made a video about this, “What Handstands and Baby George Taught Me About Learning,” that went viral on Facebook.

He redid his Introduction to Anthropology course syllabus and recorded a “Trailer” for the course which was featured by the American Anthropologist.

He has become an active member of the Future of Storytelling Community where he launched another new video called “Unboxing Stories.”

He is currently launching a new podcast about college life and is creating a free open Introduction to Cultural Anthropology course with Ryan Klataske (Class of ‘05). You can see his work and keep up to date with his latest on myteachingnotebook.com.

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