Digital Ethnography Class – Spring 2017 Call for Applications

This is an invitation to apply to be part of the Spring 2017 class on Digital Ethnography, which will meet Tuesday and Thursday 1:05-2:20.

You do not need any technology experience prior to the class.  You will learn how to use several digital tools (video, photo, audio, etc.) to create engaging multi-media ethnographies.  More importantly, you will learn how to actually *do* an ethnographic project and tell a great story about the insights you acquire. These skills will be valuable in a wide range of contexts throughout your life.
Here is the experience of one student in the class (animated):

In past years this course has been very successful.   Several former students of this class have built successful careers using their digital ethnography skills. Our videos and projects created in this class have been viewed over 15 million times and featured on CBS Sunday Morning, the BBC,, CurrentTV, local ABC and NBC television stations, the Margaret Mead Film Festival, several newspapers and magazines worldwide, and the Chronicle of Higher Education (among others). We have also received funding from National Geographic, YouTube, Mozilla,
and the MacArthur Foundation.

Starting four years ago, we moved into the Meadowlark Hills retirement community and students have had an opportunity to do real fieldwork.

One of the videos created in 2014 was selected for the Ethnografilm Festival in Paris, France, and students Jordan Thomas and Kenzie Wade traveled to Paris to premiere their work:

In 2015, we pushed the envelope even further and made a 3D “Empathy Game” that allows people to experience the story as if they have Alzheimer’s themselves:
Most recently, we launched, a storytelling podcast about college life.
We cannot be certain that we will be living and researching at Meadowlark Hills this year, but no matter what we will be doing a cutting edge research project together and trying to tell stories and convey insights in new ways.
If you are interested, send me a brief explanation of why you want to take the class and tell me about any special skills or experiences you might have that could contribute to the class.   I can only accept 10 students, so put some thought into your application.

Applications are due by October 30th.

Hope to hear from you soon,
Prof. Wesch

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