Environmental Anthropology Student Nominated for Udall Scholarship

Some of biggest challenges of the 21st century call for thinkers and doers who can work at the intersection of the human and natural sciences. Sammi Grieger, biology major and environmental anthropology student, seems on track to be one of those people.

Sammi was recently nominated by K-State for the Udall Scholarship at least in part for her work with the creation care movement that organizes Christians who are concerned with environmental problems, including climate change. She volunteers locally with Eden Vigil, a creation care NGO directed by Lowell Bliss, and recently attended the UNFCCC (climate change) COP 21 in Paris. The Udall Scholarship is awarded to undergraduate sophomores and juniors who demonstrate leadership, service, and commitment to issues related to American Indian nations or the environment.

In Dr. Durbin’s environmental anthropology course, Sammi developed a project called the #lovinglocallychallenge that was designed to help people connect to larger-scale environmental challenges by learning to love the everyday worlds they inhabit. Her essay Dwelling, Loving, and Storytelling was previously featured on Communitas.

The K-State anthropology community warmly congratulates Sammi on her Udall nomination and wishes her the best of luck as she develops a promising and dynamic career.

Image 1

Sammi at COP 21 in Paris

Image 2

Sammi with one of her heroes— climate scientist and climate change

evangelist, Katharine Hayhoe, who was named one of Time Magazine’s 100 most

influential people in 2014.

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