Anthro Students awarded $4,000 to Launch the Edible Insect Revolution


Kenzie Wade and Jordan Thomas made it to the finals of K-State Launch, an entrepreneurial idea competition that awards a total of $20,000 to K-State students with new venture ideas.  Several successful business have been launched through the program, and hopefully Wade and Thomas’s venture, “Edimporphisis” will be the next.   Wade and Thomas impressed local investors with their idea to provide a sustainable protein at a reasonable cost, and received $4,000 to help them launch their business.

From their website, Wade and Thomas write:

In a world split between starvation and obesity, and between sustainability and affordability, food comes to the forefront.  As anthropology enthusiasts we are passionate about exploring issues such as diet and sustainability which are deeply rooted in cultural ideas of what is normal.   Sometimes the necessary solution is a little “weird.”

We’ve decided to push your comforts and taboos to bring health and sustainability into your life by providing a delicious protein packed cooking flour… powered by insects.

You can order your own insect flour here, or track down Kenzie or Jordan for a sample.


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