Campfire Communitas

A Tribute to Initiation 2015

As we ventured through Initiation to Anthropology together we’ve learned about each other’s life stories, we suspended our biases, and we created a place where we could feel comfortable in our own skin with 30 other college students. Many of us didn’t know each other at the beginning of the semester and now we can say we’re friends.

Watch this video in the mindset you’d have if you were encountering someone. Choose to see them and their human experience. Let this moment become a sacred moment.

Music surrounds us every day. Even as we sat telling each other what we learned over the semester around a campfire, music was played. Music has power to change our very emotions and even lifestyles. We established our “other” in Initiation to Anthropology based on music preferences. I believe we did this because a person’s music preference can say so much about them. We each got to encounter our “other” to understand them and the music taste they had that we thought was awful. The result of this project was an understanding of the others music preference and more importantly, their life. Some really insightful and touching poems also came of this. Our “other” was no longer an “it,” but a “thou.”

Remember: live intentionally and step outside of yourself every once in a while to encounter someone.

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