Sapiens Symposium 2015 Schedule

sapiens: Latin. wise, discerning.

Homo sapiens: n. the species of bipedal primates to which modern humans belong.

Sapiens Symposium: n. An event for K-State students to share wise, discerning, inspiring, and thought-provoking thoughts about the human condition and how to get the most out of the human experience.

This year we are excited to invite Class of 2008 Alum Adam Bohannon back to Kansas State to keynote the Sapiens Symposium.  After creating the first ever Sapiens Symposium in 2008, Adam has had a successful career applying anthropology in a wide variety of creative settings at startups like Diigo, LivingSocial and Sprinklebit as well as established institutions like Rosetta Stone, National Geographic, Verizon, and Sun Microsystems.  He is currently a digital and social media strategist at Rescue Social Change Group, a group dedicated to improving human behavior.

Adam Bohannon also enjoys jumping out of planes.

Adam Bohannon also enjoys jumping out of planes.

Schedule – April 30th:

9:30 to 10:45 am.  Opening Unconference.  Seaton 161

11-1 Break for Lunch

1-2:30  Main Session – Little Theatre in the Union
featuring edible mealworm, playability, biking in Colombia, a genre-busting game/story thing, and Flash Talks to expand your experiences

4-4:30 pm  Keynote Session with Adam Bohannon – Little Theatre in the Union

4:30-5 pm  Awards Ceremony – Little Theatre in the Union

5:30-7:30 pm – Potluck Gathering at Long’s Park – 17th & Colorado.


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