Monthly Archive: September 2017

(Top): A drone photograph of the ancestral Hopi village of Homol'ovi IV, a pueblo dating to the latter half of the 13th century, located in Winslow, Arizona. (Bottom): A screen cap of a 3D virtual model of Homol'ovi IV built using drone photographs. 

Archaeologists Don’t Always Need to Dig On the morning of August 21—the day of the solar eclipse—five archaeologists and I piled into two SUVs and drove an hour northwest of Tucson, into the thick of the Sonoran Desert. Turning off-road,...

2017 OU field school - S Vehik-S Watkins- (S Trabert photo)

Student Spotlight: Sierra Watkins

Sierra Watkins, senior in Anthropology, participated in the 2017 University of Oklahoma Archaeological Field School during the month of June. She gained basic training in archaeological fieldwork through investigations at the Deer Creek site...