Monthly Archive: April 2014


American Education Ambassador Program: Teach English in China

Note: Several anthropology students from previous years have participated in similar programs. American Education and Culture Ambassador Program Teach English in China All Majors Welcome (803) 252-9086 Basic Requirements for Teaching Positions or Paid Summer...


Neandertals Are People, Too

SVANTE PAABO, NY Times, APRIL 24, 2014 LEIPZIG, Germany — I NEVER met my paternal grandfather. He died of the Spanish flu in 1919 at the age of 30, before his children and grandchildren...


Curating Internship in Wamego

My name is Brooke Rindt and I work for The Columbian Theatre in Wamego. We are interested in having another curating intern for the summer of 2014. I was wondering where is the best...